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Here’s some helpful information on dog nails and why Dog Nail Trimming is beneficial to your pet:

When nails grow too long, they can strain your dog’ leg muscles and prevent your dog from walking and running correctly.

When not trimmed, nails can even grow long enough to curl and pierce into the bottom of the paw pad, causing discomfort and even immobility. Ingrown nails can also result in infection, which causes pain and can even make a dog mean.

Nails serve to give traction and help your dog move and run without slipping and sliding. When nails get too long, it can inhibit movement and cause dogs to slip and fall.

Signs that your dog’s nails are too long and due for Dog Nail Trimming: It’s probably time for a trim if your dog’s nails make a clicking sound while walking. Or, as a way of checking, simply hold your dog’s foot and press the toe so the nail extends. If it curves past the bottom of the toe pad it is too long.

Stop in for walk-in service or call to set an appointment for Dog Nail Trimming.